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I'm a sports therapist with a strong emphasis on keeping the body strong and flexible. I have spent the last 4 years running my own clinic and rehabilitating soccer  and Gaelic teams. When designing rehabilitation programs, I always incorporated yoga and pilates exercises which I found to be most beneficial in both sexes of all ages. It is the best form of exercise to help the body function to its best ability. I also offer lymphatic drainage massage for people who suffer from lymph oedema and I have a keen interest in helping woman deal with and recover from pregnancy. It is not often taken as seriously as it needs to be. Whilst pregnancy is the most natural thing in the world our body goes through major changes and it's important that it is managed appropriately.


Yoga Trapeze Classes: Passive stretching on a yoga rig, with suspension handles for strength work. Incorporate inversions for spinal traction which is great for spinal traction.

Mat Pilates: Improve your core and pelvic floor strength and posture. Become more flexible and protect your joints

Mat yoga : Vinyasa style yoga classes. Help improve flexibility, mobility, alignment and breathing techniques

Guided meditation classes: 30 minutes of time out from the stress of dailey life. Relax in a candle lit room with the sound of running water and soft music while your guid helps you visualise being in a calmer, more beautiful place. Energise your mind and be present. Let yesterday and tomorrow stay where they belong

Pre and Ante natal classes: Learn how to exercises safely during and after pregnancy. Keep the body strong, avoid preventable aches, pains and postural changes. prepare your body for an easier labour and help it recover after wards

Ashiatsu: Deep tissue sports massage where I use my feet instead of my hands and I passively mobilise and stretch the body. I use an over head bar so I can control the amount of pressure I use as many clients allow me to walk along their back. This service is only available at my room in Ashford due to specific apparatus.

Cupping: The use of a vacuum cup to lift the muscles as opposed to           compressing them like a massage. This method stretches the muscle and   separates the fibres allowing the old stagnated blood to come out and new blood to come in to help restore healthy muscle function to tired, over used muscles.

Gua Sha: The use of 'scraping’ tools to break down adhesions in muscle fibres. Old blood is then flushed out and new blood flows in encourages tissue repair and better circulation.

Dry needling: The use of a very fine needle inserted into the affected muscle to treat a myofascial trigger point. Myofascial trigger points are spasmed myofascia with a poor blood supply. The impalement from the needle encourages blood to flow to the area in order to ‘repair’ it.

Muscular skeletal injury rehabilitation and personal training: One to one fitness sessions weather it’s to help you recover from an injury, a pregnancy or reach a fitness goal. Get in touch and I can help you.

Yoga Massage: A combination of over the clothes massage and mobilisation. Some therapeutic flying may be incorporated subject to weight restrictions.

A specialised technique to help unblock lymph nodes and encourage the movement of lymph, which carries waste products away from the tissues and back towards the heart

Wellness parties for groups of 6 or more. Chose one hour of cardio core, yoga, pilates or trapeze  or a 30-45 minute class followed by 15-30 minutes of meditation, then enjoy some healthy refreshments. Price is 25.00 per head. The party host goes free. Please call or email to book.


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